Muscle Health: The right diet and workout

Don’t you ever wish that you were as lean and muscular as that person pumping iron in the gym? Looks like wishful thinking, doesn’t it? But hey, don’t lose hope; you can look that way, too! All you need is bucket-loads of motivation, persistence and patience. You don’t get to look that way within a week! are steroids legal

Besides this, you need to be really mindful of your diet and plan your workouts, week by week. As cumbersome as it may sound, it really is a small price to pay. So, let us guide you through the right diet and workout to get you all lean and toned!

Start Your Day, the Healthy Way!

Many people have this unhealthy habit of skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of your day and it actually boosts your metabolism. However, there is a glitch here! Just because having breakfast is healthy, doesn’t mean that you have to indulge yourself. Stick to a healthy and filling breakfast of a fresh fruit smoothie, an omelet and cottage cheese. You can even have oats. As long as it is fulfilling and calorie-dense, you are good to go! Remember, your breakfast sets the trend for the rest of your day.

Have Frequent Meals and Add ‘Protein’ with Each Meal

This may seem counter-intuitive, but having smaller and frequent meals are actually healthier than you may think! Not eating for long periods lead to over-eating and even craving for sweet things. Try to add in a protein with every small meal that you have.

A protein source doesn’t have to be a grilled chicken breast every time, instead you can opt for cheese portions, yogurt, tofu, eggs and even cooked lentils. A protein-rich diet is important for your developing muscles. Along with a high protein diet, use D-bal Max, which has unique muscle boosting ingredients to give you maximum muscle gains!

Indulge in Carbs, Post-Workout

It is never going to work out well, if you cut out a food group completely from your diet. Carbohydrates are important, but it is what and when you eat, that matters! Carbohydrates work best for you, if you have them post-workout. The reason is that carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in our body. Glycogen is the main source of energy and fuels the muscles during the workout.

After a workout, the glycogen stores are depleted and need to be replenished. A post work-out carb meal replenishes this glycogen. However, this does not mean that you can go crazy with carbs. Stick to brown rice, pasta and whole-grain options. Munch on fresh fruits and veggies.

Healthy Fats Are in!

Yes, there is such a thing as healthy fats and they are found abundantly! Before you jump for joy and start guzzling on your doughnut, hold on! We said, healthy fats! Healthy fats include the unsaturated fats, commonly found in fish, nuts, avocadoes, ground flax seeds, olives and olive oil. They protect against heart diseases and most importantly, reduce inflammation!

Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is important for various reasons, but the most important is that it helps in muscle recovery and even keeps you full! So drink lots of water throughout the day and if you don’t like to drink a lot of water, try drinking lemon tea or green tea and even fresh fruit juices.

Strength Train!

Strength training has become very popular amongst both men and women. And for good reason! It not only helps in developing muscles, but it also gives a lean and toned look to your body. One of the best things about strength training is that you don’t necessarily need a gym membership to workout and you can adjust the workouts according to your needs and stamina. Start off with smaller weights and then gradually move on to bigger and heavier weights. Remember it is up to you!

Include Compound Movements and Some Cardio in your Workouts

Generally, people like to perform isolated muscular exercises, but it is recommended that you include compound movements. Compound movements involve not just a single group of muscles, but multiple groups of muscles are involved in one move. This way you are not only exercising multiple muscles at the same time, but your brain is in the game, too! It is considered a more efficient workout. You can pair up your compound movements with Dbal Max to get the maximum benefits of an increased muscle strength.

Always include a cardio workout of at least 10-15 minutes. This warms up your muscles and helps in shedding off excess fat!

Inclde Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are excellent ways to improve your core strength. Your core is the power-house of your body, so it is only natural to work on it! These are gentle exercises that use your own body weight as a source of resistance.

Your Muscles are the Power-house of Your Body! So, look After Them and Get the Body You Want!

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